VW Transporter VW T5 / T6 Twin-Adjust-Projekt LOW+PLUS Coilover Kit – T32

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New LOW+PLUS coilover kit for the Volkswagen Transporter T5, T6 and T6.1 by Eibach and Koni.

The Twin-Adjust-Projekt LOW+PLUS coilovers from Twin-Monotube-Projekt Germany offer a ride height adjustment range between 60-90mm and is suitable for the VW T32 models.
The PLUS model offers more comfort over standard Twin-Adjust-Projekt Coilovers

The coilovers provide unrivalled comfort, adjustability and quality due to the pre mechanical rebound adjustment from the Koni dampers while maintaining a sporty and improved ride performance. The Koni dampers can be individually pre-adjusted prior to fitting to achieve the desired set-up, however, offer the most comfortable set up on the base setting out the box. They also offer extended travel of 30mm at the front strut and the approved dirt-resistant rebound adjustment.

The Eibach comfort sport springs provide a sporty, comfortable ride with further reduction in body roll and pitch. This was achieved by the experienced engineers at spring specialist Eibach Germany.

Other features are durability, long term stability without spring sag and fracture strength. The PLUS Model comes with Teflon Lined Piston Rod and Rod Guides, and changes to the gas-filled internals. The dampening of the front shocks can now be adjusted from the top, meaning no need to disassemble to make any changes.

The Eibach springs come with a five (5) year Eibach springs warranty and the dampers with two (2) year Koni damper warranty.

Twin-Monotube-Projekt Germany is a suspension specialist for the Transporter. The company helped develop the popular B14 coilovers for Bilstein Germany. They describe the new coilovers as an evolution in ride comfort and tuning adjustment from the B14s.


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