M14 x 1.5 60 Degree Tapered 17mm Head Wobble / Correction Bolt

LENGTH: 29mm
Pack: Single
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Produced from high quality cold forged boron steel that is tempered in the quality class 10.9 meaning they will not rust.

Founded in 1987, Bimecc specialised itself in the production of nuts and bolts for the automotive industry. Having gained large market shares, Bimecc is today the leading European company for the production of nuts and bolts for aftermarket alloy wheels.

• 1 x Wobble/Correction Bolts
• Bolt: M14 x 1.5mm 
• Seat Type: Floating Cone
• Socket Size: 17mm
• Material: cold forged boron steel that is tempered in the quality class 10.9
• Finish: zinc plating with 12 µ thickness and zinc nickel or laminar zinc coatings guarantee corrosion resistance up to 700 hours in salt spray tests

Please Note: Wobble/Correction Bolts have a floating collar that seats on the wheels matting face. 

The collar is over sized allowing 3mm of movement. 

Eg: It allows you to put 100mm PCD wheels on 98mm hubs.


Don't be put off by the name as many manufactures use this style of bolt as standard. These are completely safe if used with wheels that have a tapered seat. 


Wheel nuts/bolts MUST be tightened by hand ratchet/torque wrench, NOT using an air gun, please remind your installer of this. Please check you have suitable wheels to accept this nut/bolt. You are responsible for confirming your fitment is correct. Installation by qualified persons only. 

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