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Hard paint types such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen can often be hard to restore with a dual action (DA) polisher. Auto Finesse Revitalise No.1 has been designed to enable you to remove deep swirls and scratches with a dual action polisher. As well as removing deep swirls No.1 will also restore tired paint that has been plagued by oxidisation giving you a base to the polish and refine with Auto Finesse Revitalise No.2 and No.3.

As with all of the Auto Finesse Revitalise compounds, No.1 was designed to work in-conjunction with the Revitalise pad range. The combination of pad and compound allows you to effortlessly remove defects and correct your paintwork with ease. Once compounding with Revitalise No.1 is complete we recommend that you follow up with No.2 and No.3. This will ensure no light swirls, marring or holograms after left after the polishing process.

The Auto Finesse Revitalise range was designed for detailing hobbyists looking to perfect their own paintwork. All of the Revitalise polishes and pad have been designed for use with a dual action/random orbital polisher. All of the compounds and pads have been numbered and colour coded to make sure your first machine polishing experience runs as smooth as possible. The combination of the Revitalise compounds, pads and a dual action polisher will allow you to safely enter the world of machine polishing and get you correcting paint in no time.


The Auto Finesse Revitalise compound No.1 is designed to work in-conjunction with the orange restore pad. Once the pad has been primed using Pad Prime, apply two pea sized dots of compound to the pad. On speed setting one work the compound in to a two-foot by two-foot area. Once completed turn your speed up to four, five or six dependent on what is comfortable to work with. Apply moderate pressure and work in overlapping passes, ensuring the machine is always spinning. Work the compound for around two minutes until the compound is clear. Once this is done, turn your machine off, and use a clean microfiber cloth to remove residue and inspect your work.

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