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Apply a hydrophobic Si02 ceramic layer with your foam lance. The easy and effective solution for adding gloss and protection right at the wash stage.   

1: Throughly wash your vehicle to remove all road grime prior to application and rinse. 2: Add 2-3 inches of Foam coat to your foam lance resivoure bottle and top the remainder with water.

3: Apply Foam Coat to a wet vehicle, working from bottom to top.

4: Rinse throughly immediately after application.

5: Immediately dry all exterior surfaces of the vehicle using a microfibre towel.


Lavish Ceramic Foam is our latest innovation in the science of Si02 coatings. This high-foaming formula makes introducing a hydrophobic layer of ceramic protection to every exterior surface not only easy, but it takes just a matter of seconds to get the job done to the highest standard. A super-simple spray-on and rinse-off affair, what’s more, Lavish will even add a whole load of gloss along the way.

Safe for use on everything from paintwork to glass and alloys to trim, Lavish gets to work immediately by bonding to all surfaces on a microscopic level, forming a super-durable, ceramic layer which stops grime from sticking and offers water behaviour that you can actually see. From the very first application you get nothing but the most impeccable shine, supreme water beading and up to 6-months protection, right at the wash stage.  

Use as a stand-alone coating or as a quick and easy top up to our Caramics range, Lavish can be utilised to enhance exterior protection every single time you wash.   

Ideal for any vehicle - no matter the size – our cutting-edge ceramic foam offers the quickest and easiest protection available, straight from your snow foam lance.  

The next generation of ceramic coating products is here. 

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