Audi A1 widened Wings 30mm

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If your running larger wheels or have lowered your car its possible to come into issues with clearance. 

Running larger wings will allow for you to run larger wheels and also run your car lower without catching your outer arch. 


Muecke wings/fenders keep most of the original lines of the standard wings but are extended at the flair of the arch. 

Price is for a pair of wings/fenders

Widths are stated per wing/fender

Wings/fenders are made from fiberglass made to match original mounting points and bumper.

These will come gel coated un painted. 

Prep work will be required before painting to assure perfect finish and fitment. 


These are also available in carbon fibre, please contact us for any information and prices.



Most wings are made to order.

Production time can take up to 14 days for made to order products. 

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