73.1mm Alloy Wheel Hubcentric Spigot Rings

SIZE: 73.1 - 72.6
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Set of 4 SpigotRings

  • 73.1mm - Hub Centric Spigot Rings Outside Diameter: (Wheel Bore Size) 
  • Select Vehicle Hub Size from drop down menu
  • Material: Aluminium
  • They will allow you to truly centre the wheel onto your vehicle's hub by filling the gap between the wheel's centre bore and your vehicle's hub

Please Note.... Each bore size is made slightly different so the taper part will differ depending on wheel bore and rings are made in different colours to identify them. You cannot select a colour per size unfortunately

If you are unsure what size you require please drop us a message or pick up the dog and bone....

If you have decided to change your wheels to aftermarket wheels or wheels from a different make or model car there is a very hight chance the centre bore will not be the same as your cars.

Spigot rings are used to make sure the wheel is aligned hubcentric to your cars hub. 

If you have fitted wheels without spigot rings there is a high chance you will get a wheel wobble at higher speeds as the wheel is not mounted correctly. 

Spigot rings fit inside the bore on the rear of the wheel to reduce the size down to match your cars hub bore.





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